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Amarach Net Solutions, Inc.
Contact Information

Mailing Address
Amarach, Inc.
P.O. Box 5482
Rockford, IL


Mobile E-Mail

(enter: 8154944584)

Consulting Contact:
David JP Lickteig


2006!  Trying to stay relatively current!
It seems as if one of the most requested needs is still cleaning up computers to get rid of viruses, adware, spyware, etc.  While I am still trying to offer our own "Amarach" way of doing things (which is highly successful by the way), we are still so busy with day-to-day work it is hard to find time to get ahead.  So, rather than totally reinvent the wheel, we have collected some of the best, most effective, trusted, and free(!) methods of ridding your computer of problems.  They are all here on our new 2006 "Clean your PC!" page.

The struggle to take care of this site continues while excellent service is instead afforded to all clients.  Send an email to say you were here!  info@amarach.net


Latest Information

Telecom Expertise!

Amarach specializes in Microsoft's
"Small Business Server".

Watching now in 2006 for the new "Release 2" of "Small Business Server"!

If your small business still hasn't invested in the best product Microsoft has ever released - you should this year!

Contact us and find out how an investment as small as $5,000.00 (or less!) for hardware, software, and labor! - can change the way you work forever!

SBC Communications Inc.

ChoiceOne Communications

TDS Metrocom

One of the most confusing technology aspects for small businesses is telecommunications.

Amarach has delved into the telephone and Internet offerings of local phone (and cable!) companies, and stands ready to help you get the right service for your needs.


Meaning 'tomorrow' in old Celtic, Amarach Net Solutions is striving to provide "tomorrow's" technology solutions to specialized small businesses today.  This especially includes the fast changing areas of Microsoft operating systems, local area networks, and of course, the Internet.

Soon, as you browse this site, you will see the focused areas of concern to Amarach and it's clients, and hopefully receive some new insight and ideas to assist you in your endeavors.

Amarach Net Solutions was originally founded as "Amarach Information Mining" in 1996.  In the last few years the company has moved beyond the specialization of "data-mining" databases (especially public databases), and into the areas of Microsoft Networking (Window XP and Windows Server 2003) and Internet Solutions such as broadband and web sites.

Yes, there's much more to tell!
More soon...

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